Liz Davenport

liz-davenportChief Operations Manager

Liz Davenport is the Chief Operations Manager for Atlanta Capital Group. Since joining the firm in 2005, Liz has been an integral resource for ACG since near its inception. Her conscientious performance over many years enabled her to advance to her current position as SOO.

Within ACG, Liz assumes many roles. She is the lead coordinator for handling in-house, day-to-day operations, she serves as the primary liaison between all the managing partners, staff, and advisors, and she is chiefly responsible for overseeing staff development.

Additionally, her specific duties include spearheading the on-boarding process for all new advisors, serving as the logistics facilitator for all new firm acquisitions, and assisting the CCO with the compliance duties of the firm. On the client level, she still assumes her commitment as the senior service associate for over fifty top level clients.

It has been said that Liz came to Atlanta Capital Group at the perfect time. She brought leadership and organizational skills to the firm after developing them in prior positions in the work force. Her tenacity and attention to detail has been a large component allowing Atlanta Capital Group to grow from $250 million to well over $1 billion in client assets.

Outside of ACG, Liz enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. Her involvement in the ALS Association has been one of her main community pursuits over the last several years.

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